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Stakeholder Analysis

Perception is reality – right? Well, we usually find not so much. A stakeholder analysis will help uncover those potential risks to the success of your project that you may not be aware of. We use a series of one on one confidential interviews to help build good will and ownership, identify effective and ineffective project messaging as well as uncover those potential gotchas that can hinder the success of your project. Click here to learn more about stakeholder analysis.


With too little communication, an information void opens and is usually filled with inaccurate and often destructive misinformation. With too much communication, stakeholders can be either terrified by projections that never come to pass or dissatisfied with promised benefits that don’t make it into the final project plan. Well executed projects have just the right mix amount of communication with constructive messaging. Click here to learn more about communication planning.


Since training comes toward the end of a project when teams are experiencing fatigue and budgets are getting tight, it often does not get the attention it deserves. Inadequate training is cited as one of the most common reasons for unsatisfactory project outcomes. Identifying all behaviors and tasks that will require change in the post project business process and incorporating them into the training plan is essential to a successful transition. Click here to learn more about training.